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Men's Health

Made Easy.


Professional Consulting

I am a certified medical specialist in reproductive health. I’m here to lighten the load off your shoulders. I am here to help you lose weight and stay fit. I am keen on men's health but I also help women. My areas of consultancy are Obesity, Diabetes and sexual health. I also help men beat addiction towards pornography, masturbation, smoking and alcohol. I work with a team of honest professional consultants. 

Mental health, Mental wealth.

Mindfulness practice helps individuals develop a greater capacity to be aware of their thoughts, feelings and actions in real time. So often our minds run on autopilot and we are left feeling that we are not in control or our own thoughts, leading to greater stress and anxiety. Mindfulness practice aims to slow down this process which enables us to regain focus and a better sense of control over our thoughts.

Nutrition Assessment & Counseling

Amerix also helps clients to create healthier eating habits and eating schedules. Because addiction affects other aspects of our lives not even related to our addiction, cooking and healthy eating habits often fall by the wayside. Our certified dietitian and nutritionist meets with clients to assess physical health, and creates a plan to achieve individual goals. Assessment for history or development of an eating disorder is also performed to ensure the best care for our clients.

Diabetes Clinic

This clinic helps you to manage Diabetes Mellitus Type II

Valid for 12 weeks


Advanced plan for fat loss and lean muscles.

Warriors Club

Men battling sex problems, obesity, depression, addiction.

Happy Clients

What they're saying

Great service, positive experience. Very professional Doctor.

Richard Mbugua

Was very fast to get the doctor appointment! I really loved!

James Nzomo

I was once obese, big tummy and shapeless.

Thank you Amerix!

Issah Khaleed


Lose weight, look great in 90 days of transformation. Valid for 3 months. program includes, 

  • Proper diet

  • Physical workouts

My Programs

You Are In Safe Hands

Tens of thousands of people have trusted Amerix with their healthcare needs and we take pride in providing the best service.

  • Data security

    Patient notes are encrypted & data storage is audited by independent bodies to maintain safety.

  • Confidentiality

    All your consultations remain completely confidential between you and your medical consultant.

  • 100% online

    Fully private, online consultations (no awkwardly waiting for your turn at the practice, no judgement) at your convenience.

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