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BOOK REVIEW: Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi.

This year 2019 has been a fulfilling year for my reading goals. I picked some of the best books recommended by several book nerds like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Out of the 24 books I had planned to read this year, I have successfully managed to read 18 books currently on my 19th book.

Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi is among the books that fueled my momentum and tightened my grit on living a purposeful life. This book is portrayed as The Gateway to Wealth and prosperity whose 300,000 copies have been shipped to 96 countries.

Dean writes that the book is designed with one purpose in mind: to take you from where you are in life to where you want to be in life by incorporating easy-to-implement ‘Success Habits’ into your daily routine.

Published in 13 chapters, the book is written in simple language with easily illustrated examples and stories that provoke your thoughts and expand your imagination.

Dean has a powerful storytelling skill that he infuses in this book to drive the point home while giving out simple exercises that can be practised daily as well as being infused in your daily routine. These exercises are powerful that those he has mentioned in this book who had adopted the exercises, changed their lives to become successful in their respective industries. (You can find these exercises here.)

Which Wolf are you feeding?

Dean shares a fable by a Navajo woman who told her grandson a story about how we all have two wolves that live inside us, constantly battling one another. One wolf is jealous, envious, and malicious with a scarcity mindset while the other wolf is filled with empathy, love, compassion, positivity and it accomplishes anything it puts its heart and soul into.

The first wolf is the villain within while the second wolf is the inner hero. The wolf that wins this battle between the two wolves which happens within us is the wolf that we constantly feed. Dean writes that the villain is a parasite fed by negativity around us. It grows out of a barrage of external factors like watching, listening, reading and consuming data which is completely negative. The Inner hero is empowered by the powerful stories we tell ourselves. These stories mobilize our courage, commitment and capabilities to turn us into successful people. From this illustration, it is therefore prudent to learn that if we want to have desired habits that will turn us into productive people, we must constantly feed the right wolf – THE INNER HERO.

Seven Levels Deep

According to Dean, the foundation for all success is understanding your “Why”. Many people are stuck in a rut, facing the same stagnation all the time. They are unable to define their movement and purpose.

Dean writes that goal setting is arguably the most important step to success yet because of our crazy and busy lives we are bogged down in the detail of things that we can’t look up and see our future clearly.

To go past this stagnation, cacophony and clutter, Dean introduces a simple exercise which he was coached by his mentor Joe Stump. This exercise is known as The Seven Levels Deep exercise which will help you to identify your deeper ‘why. It is a seven-level deep exercise in which you honestly move progressively deeper into answers by asking “why” questions seven times.

As you move deeper, you become emotionally attached to your answers while your purpose becomes clearer and clearer.

Foundation of All Success

You can only become successful by imitating successful people. This is according to Dean Graziosi. He quips that successful people live by a different set of rules and success habits and they don’t conform or accept mediocrity.

If you put energy and focus into the things that you are good at and become great at them, you can eventually pay for someone else to do the things you are not good at.

I was surprised when I learnt that it is more lucrative working on your strengths rather than improving on your weakness, Contrary to what we have been accustomed to by society rules. The biggest lesson to me was that working on my strengths will help me overcome anything that I consider a weakness.

Marketing and Selling

As a successful salesman, Dean doesn’t shy from teaching us about selling. He actually dedicates two chapters to selling and marketing. He writes that if you are afraid of selling and marketing then you have already hit a roadblock in your life in other areas. I agree with him because every aspect of our lives is about attraction and persuasion.

We want to attract the best sexual mate or the best paycheck or the best friend. We want to persuade people to support us or persuade your employer to raise your pay. According to Dean, you can achieve all these if you master the skill of attraction and persuasion. He adds that marketing is attracting what you want into your life and repelling the things you don’t want while selling is getting people emotionally invested to take the action you want them to take.

Dean observes that people will learn from you, listen to you, love you, buy from you and hire you when they feel understood, not when they understand you.


The foundation of success is in your habits. If you have a clear vision for your life, you will stop wasting time on the things not serving your purpose, dreams, goals and aspirations. Your actions will have a purpose and your hours will be spent on achieving these goals. Your procrastination will cease because you will know with 100% certainty what you cannot put off till tomorrow.

This is a great book for anyone struggling with writing life goals and identifying their purpose. As we get into a New Year 2020, I strongly recommend this book to anyone who struggles to stick to their New Year resolution.

Take home message: If you want to succeed in life, Feed the right wolf.

Star Rating: 4 out of 5

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Tshepo Maloka
Tshepo Maloka
04. Okt. 2021

Awesome read Amerix!

Gefällt mir

christine kalaghe
christine kalaghe
21. Mai 2021


Gefällt mir

You make me a greater person everyday. Am grateful

Gefällt mir

Am learning. Thanks.

Gefällt mir

John Mburu
John Mburu
17. Mai 2021

Great read amerix

Gefällt mir
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